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A Cat For All

A Cat For All

Available in ebook from Amira Press

A mysterious man beckons Orianna to the hotel bar. Ryker confesses he and his two mates, Dallas and Pierce, want her to return home with them.

To keep Pierce satisfied, Ryker invites a strange woman into their lives. He struggles with Orianna because she’s their natural enemy, a vampire. As the bond cements between Orianna and Pierce, he discovers Dallas falling for her too.

Orianna is abducted and all three men dash to rescue her from the local pride leader. If they don’t get there in time, there will nothing left of their new mate except ashes.

Warning: This book contains three sexy cat shifters who will make you purr, and a spirited heroine who can tame all three. Make sure you have some cream handy cause these kitties deserve it.




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